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Message from your host….Elsah Cort

“I have been a guest cottage host since 1986, and have enjoyed enhancing the cottage experience with my personal touch, adding comfortable furniture, fine art, and other goodies. The cottage originally started out as a bed and breakfast as a way of sharing the beautiful natural community where I live. Now, I don’t offer breakfast food, as most people want to bring their own food these days. I know the cottage is a wellspring for renewing the spirit of my guests. Watching the grape vine grow over the railing on the circular deck, and weeding and nurturing the garden of herbs and seasonal blossoms has been a joy. I have a growing library of used books in the Cottage and I am always on a treasure hunt for books that I have loved over the years, or I just gather books that I feel would be fun to peruse for a day or so during a visit to the Cottage.

For a nine year period I co-owned a local art gallery, showcasing art from many artists, but also discovering my own creative nature. I now have an art studio in my home where I create collage work, digitally and using mixed media including fabric. My studio is open for guests by appointment and open to the public every March for the South Valley Art Tour. You can also visit my artist website at

I am a retired RN, after 40 years of working in many different fields of nursing. In 1997-2001, I studied craniosacral work with the Milne Institute, practiced it for 20 years, and now, mostly use it personally. Occasionally, I offer sessions for guests.

While formally studying craniosacral work, I was also introduced to feng shui, another form of energy work that deals with how energy flows or does not move in our outer environments. I began to read about feng shui extensively and discovered many parallels with the hands on energy work. They both had very similar concepts and I realized that they were the flip sides of the same coin. I have taught feng shui and offered feng shui consultations. I have used many feng shui concepts to organize both the cottage and my home. It is great fun.”

wildflowers (bush lupine) growing in cottage garden

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