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Comments from the cottage guestbook…..

“Thank you for making our first visit to Sequoia such a magnificent experience. We are not ready to go home yet. Especially me!! It was so wonderful to not worry about anything but simply having fun. The children love it here, our three year old thinks this is his new home, he doesn’t even mind leaving all of his toys at home. We loved the breakfast muffins. They are heavenly!!!! Plus the great juice. Thank you for everything. We will return as soon as we can. We will have only our memories after we leave but we know that, thanks to you , we can return to this awesome place and make more memories. Also, thank you for the pointers on places to visit. We appreciate the time you took to help us out. Crystal Cave was so beautiful. Moro Rock was amazing, the Sequoias surprising, we loved it all. You are so lucky to be here so close to nature where it is so easy to appreciate everything we have. In the busy city life we forget to be thankful for all that we have. Here, just sitting under the grapes, listening to the wind and birds, it is so easy to relax and I felt my whole body release the pressures I came with. Thank you for having such a heavenly place. We enjoyed it here so, more than you know. Thank you!”
—–MC from Long Beach, California

“How soothing to the soul! Thank you so much, Elsah, for your generosity, your care and attention. So many nice touches here, so much of you, making this a heavenly little cottage a sanctuary. It is exactly what we needed.”
—–CC from Carmel, California

“Dear Elsah, Thank you so much for the breakfast and the place to stay. I like the cottage. It’s nice and cozy. The Sequoias were really tall! They were taller than I expected! We really hope we see the summer bear! I also like the big window that overlooks the mountains with trees. We saw a black cat the first morning here. I’m wondering if that baby tree is really a Sequoia? The picture above the plugs that is above the kitchen table is very pretty. Is that black cat yours? Driving down the mountain from Tokopah Falls we saw a brown bear and me and my Mom got our cameras and took some pictures! Breakfast was very good and thank you again for the breakfast and the place to stay.
—–Jessica, age 10 years old, from Rosemount, Minnesota

“This was our perfect getaway on our first anniversary. Couldn’t believe we found such a homelike atmosphere in such beautiful natural surroundings. Living in a big city does deprive you of this mystical healing atmosphere.”
—– RA from San Jose, California

“We so enjoyed meeting you and sharing your lovely part of the world. The cottage is perfect and your hospitality superb. Thanks for lending us hats and gloves for our trek through the snow on Congress Trail. We’ll be back. I highly recommend having Elsah do a craniosacral treatment! Thank you–I feel terrific!”
—–SP from Hamilton, Ohio

“This is a lovely peaceful place. We watched the moon rise over the mountains and the kids looked out for bears (actually they hid…..but they had fun doing so!). Best wishes.”
—–JM, from Marlow, Buckinghamshire, England

“Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding and our honeymoon so special to us. Your kindness and hospitality is, of course, what make our stays here filled with love and happiness. The charm and serenity of this country cottage and its surroundings is where we fell in love–what better place to return to express our love and take our vows.” —–MVZ from San Jose, California

“Thanks for providing us the perfect place to stay. There’s nothing like a mug of hot tea and a great view early in the morning, especially in a place one feels so comfortable. It’s difficult to leave and head back to the Midwest…. I’ll have to take lots of photos. Thanks for everything.”
—–AN from Champagne, Illinois

“I cannot but envy your lifestyle here in the foothills. So many of us rush through our lives without appreciating those aspects that make life beautiful. Aren’t we silly? The mountains are a sharp contrast to the Florida wetlands! There is beauty there, too. It is comforting to know that others have experienced angels.”
—–HK from Tampa, Florida

“Another fantastic weekend at your cottage. Despite all the exciting options available to us, we like to stay here and enjoy the offerings of your cottage. Whether it’s watching the hawks circle over the green mountainside, feeling the cool breeze in the evening on the patio, the smell of the fresh air, listening to my wife play the sweet sounds of her guitar, or just knowing that for one moment the outside world must leave us alone–this place re-energizes us and leaves our spirits refreshed. Your influence is unmistakable and part of the appeal of this magical place. Thank you.”
——HB from Fresno, California

“Trees, big as a house, standing sentinel over the glorious forest. I am humbled in the presence of these mountains. Descending the Watchtower Trail, which ought to be called ‘The Trail Where You See God’–then coming home to Cort Cottage, the calm balance of the cabin, is a good place to reflect. Then my two year old smiles and says: ‘Daddy, wanna frow rocks?’ It somehow all makes sense.”
—–JM from Del Mar, California

Cottage path in the spring with blooming native wildflowers (madia elegans)…

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