the glories of February

Rains that come and go, leaving golden light upon the hills. A few days ago it was “snowing” here with huge flakes filling the air but none were exactly sticking to the ground outside my window.  They just dusted the hills like a baker sifting confectioners sugar over cupcakes.  It was white, white across the canyon.  Two hours later the sun powerfully blasted out from all the clouds and the hills burst into brilliant green.  I took a nap.


This is the time to come to the cottage to see all this sky-air-earth drama.  I think some of my prospective guests have been scared away by weather.  Winter only lasts a few hours a day here, so don’t let it keep you away.

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One thought on “the glories of February

  1. every evening before heading to bed (and a book) I check my Google Alerts for Sequoia National Park and to my surprise you were two of my alerts!! What a pleasant surprise. This site and the Deeper Well site were there to enjoy. I liked them both good job with the websites. You know nurses aren’t the only one to suffer from burnout. When do you think you will expand to other professions?
    Wasn’t today beautiful.

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