Visiting Giant Forest for a Crescent Meadow Trek: Following in the footsteps of Hale Tharp

I’m trekking more in the Park that is in my backyard. This is one of my favorite places–Crescent Meadow, with a sideline walk to Hale Tharp‘s Log home that he used in the late 1800’s every summer. He was the first white man (that we know of) to see the big trees. ::  the fern-drapedContinue reading “Visiting Giant Forest for a Crescent Meadow Trek: Following in the footsteps of Hale Tharp”

Nature-watching…a “madia” spring

This spring has been so interesting, cooler days juxtaposed to warmer ones…..but for now it’s pretty perfect. Each spring one wildflower or two seem to be dominant and I name the spring for them. Spring 2011 has been “madia spring” as these cheerful yellow blossoms have stayed and stayed.  For a while they covered theContinue reading “Nature-watching…a “madia” spring”

Cort Cottage Bed and Breakfast Embraces the Green of Spring

Each year Spring arrives in its own timing, sometimes early and sometimes later.  As I write these words, I can see the new leaves budding on the blue oaks while Moro Rock, up in Sequoia National Park, is dusted with new snow. It’s like having two seasons in one! I have been walking up theContinue reading “Cort Cottage Bed and Breakfast Embraces the Green of Spring”

…there’s no winter, only a prelude to Spring…

I look up the mountain everyday. The green is here. The ravens say hello. (There are actually two ravens sitting side by side on the blue oak branch.) Oh, and the waterfall is running on Case Mountain. And, Cort Cottage is celebrating its 25th birthday this year. photo taken by Elsah on Sunday, January 30,Continue reading “…there’s no winter, only a prelude to Spring…”

Last night’s wildlife sitings:

Wild turkey family heading home for the night, like they have been doing every evening for the last week, with 7 teen-aged offspring chomping dry wild oats seeds that should have been weedeated better…followed 10 minutes later by two large, 4-point bucks on the same “path”, six feet from my living room and bedroom windows,Continue reading “Last night’s wildlife sitings:”

sweet swaying in the breeze…

Buckeye trees are in bloom with their long white flowered filled stalks. The wonderful cool breeze is pushing them around. They dance in perfectly choreographed waves, softly brushing against their invisible air partner. I fall in love with them all over again. And then they envelope me with the sweet scent from flower center. IContinue reading “sweet swaying in the breeze…”