Fall is falling…

Seasons are not so well defined these days, especially in the California mountains. One day it will be in the 80’s and the next day in the 60’s, but the trend is toward cooler, crisp days and almost chilly nights. Snow comes to the Park and the mountains when the rains come to Three Rivers. Already the grasses are coming up green in the foothill meadows. And the buckeye trees are decked with their ivory skinned buckeye balls on silver fingerlings of branches and gray trunks.

The ravens come daily for their bread handouts thrown into the meadow behind my house. They loudly proclaim their entitlement if I am late or miss a day.

I am still content to hang my laundry in the shorter-lived sunshine and I am making art.

This Saturday is the Holiday Bazaar at the Memorial Building just down the road. And there are more events coming up for the holidays. Cort Cottage will be adorned with angels for Christmas and I will be fortunate to have guests who come for a visit to mountain and sky.

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