Nature-watching…a “madia” spring

This spring has been so interesting, cooler days juxtaposed to warmer ones…..but for now it’s pretty perfect. Each spring one wildflower or two seem to be dominant and I name the spring for them. Spring 2011 has been “madia spring” as these cheerful yellow blossoms have stayed and stayed.  For a while they covered theContinue reading “Nature-watching…a “madia” spring”

Wildflowers Keep Coming…

The lovely cool rainstorms we have been having, are keeping the wildflowers very happy.  Here are photos from a walk up the hills just at my back door. We’ll start with a rainbow that shows you the hills that are welcome for walking. _________________________________________________________ more of the foot paths and views from the BLM landContinue reading “Wildflowers Keep Coming…”


Spring has begun…… Fiddleneck are everywhere….some shallow people call them weeds. Wild lilac or Ceonothus AKA Buck Brush bushes are budding out, their wild scent–my favorite– is coming to intoxicate the air. (Native Peoples used to prune these, to have them grow straight for arrows.) The wildflower palette will be exploding over the next 2Continue reading “Wildflowers!”

Rain and art = green hills and wildflowers

Spring has officially arrived because the wild lilac (ceonothus) has begun to bloom.  Fiddleneck is everywhere, making the hills yelllow-orange.  I’ll say it again–Spring is THE best time to come to Three Rivers. I’ve been very busy getting ready for the Three Rivers Artists’ STUDIO TOUR 9 coming up on March 19-20-21. This week IContinue reading “Rain and art = green hills and wildflowers”

When did you fall in love with nature?

When did you first fall in love with nature?  This question landed on me, as a surprising imperative (posed by keynote speaker, John Muir Laws), in a crowded banquet room in Sacramento, where 800 “plant people” had gathered for the 2009 Conservation Conference of the California Native Plant Society.  This happened two weeks ago….. InContinue reading “When did you fall in love with nature?”