Farewell to Spring

The last wildflowers of Spring are blooming in Three Rivers. I hate to see Spring leave.  But I know that I can just follow it up the hills as the weeks progress. It finally culminates in a great bloom up in the wild meadows of the Park in late June and early July.

And then there is swimming in the river in the late summer months.

Seasons…the way the earth tells time.

The cottage is some openings still left for the summer.  If there is a replay of last summer, when every night was booked, you might need to call soon to make your reservation.  The cottage is cool (in more ways that just air conditioning) and comfortable (in all ways you can think of) and it can become your home away from home.

P.S. Farewell to Spring is the name of a wildflower also called Clarkia or Herald to Summer.
(Yes, I know, I could have photo of it here for you…..I will go out and take one later in the week.)

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