Walking in the early morning…

quailfence I have two wonderful walks near home.  One is just down the road, at the road’s end, and goes up the hills and mountains on BLM land.  It is a famous place for mountain bikers, horse riding and walking with dogs and friends. But lately, I have been drawn to the river, which is down the road.  I drive down to the Veteran’s Memorial Building and walk across the highway to the Dinely Bridge, crossing high over the Kaweah River.  I turn left at Kaweah River Drive and walk for a mile or so and back.  This little “Drive” is a private road that hugs the river in places and goes higher, with river and mountain vistas in other places.  It has shade and wildflowers and creatures.  Can you see the little quail perched on the fence? It would not stay still long enough for me to get a close-up view.

I can direct you to both of these walks when you visit Cort Cottage.

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