Bridge to Nature

I have always known that Cort Cottage Bed and Breakfast is a bridge to nature for its guests.  Bridging between city and country, between fast pace and slow pace, between asphalt and mountains, between high tech and low tech, even though the cottage has wireless internet, and between stress and relaxation…

Looking from the Dinely Bridge on my early morning walk today, the Kaweah River has dropped ten feet since last week but it is still rushing by.

upriver  upriver downriver downriver

We locals wait to swim in the river until late June, all through July and early August.  Swimming now would be placing your life in a precarious position.  When you come to Cort Cottage in mid-summer, I tell you about one of the best swimming holes in Sequoia National Park, one with granite pools and many waterfalls. I also say that swimming in the river washes your sins away.

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