Deep into summer, high into mountains…

Summer is a reflective time, a slowing down for me.  I work at chores early in the morning.  Then spend time with the outside world online for a while online.  Maybe some art-making or “putzing around” in the studio.  Of course, a nap, if needed. And swimming in the river in late afternoon, where theContinue reading “Deep into summer, high into mountains…”

Closing in on Summer

We are few days away from the Summer Solstice when the sun is supposed to stand still.  I am getting into my summer mode, slowing down, watching the sky, and smelling the river as I walk in the mornings. The birds seem to be extra busy around here for some reason.  It could be thatContinue reading “Closing in on Summer”

Bridge to Nature

I have always known that Cort Cottage Bed and Breakfast is a bridge to nature for its guests.  Bridging between city and country, between fast pace and slow pace, between asphalt and mountains, between high tech and low tech, even though the cottage has wireless internet, and between stress and relaxation… Looking from the DinelyContinue reading “Bridge to Nature”

Walking in the early morning…

I have two wonderful walks near home.  One is just down the road, at the road’s end, and goes up the hills and mountains on BLM land.  It is a famous place for mountain bikers, horse riding and walking with dogs and friends. But lately, I have been drawn to the river, which is downContinue reading “Walking in the early morning…”

the glories of February

Rains that come and go, leaving golden light upon the hills. A few days ago it was “snowing” here with huge flakes filling the air but none were exactly sticking to the ground outside my window.  They just dusted the hills like a baker sifting confectioners sugar over cupcakes.  It was white, white across theContinue reading “the glories of February”

When did you fall in love with nature?

When did you first fall in love with nature?  This question landed on me, as a surprising imperative (posed by keynote speaker, John Muir Laws), in a crowded banquet room in Sacramento, where 800 “plant people” had gathered for the 2009 Conservation Conference of the California Native Plant Society.  This happened two weeks ago….. InContinue reading “When did you fall in love with nature?”

Weeding Retreat

Do you know how to weed? or not? Cort Cottage Bed and Breakfast offers a special “weeding retreat”: in exchange for 1 hour per day of weeding therapy (immense value in having your hands in earth itself) you will be given special rate of $145 a night for 2 people. Good for Winter and SpringContinue reading “Weeding Retreat”