Waning Summer

Yes, I am always glad when the warmth (really I mean heat) of summer is on its way out.  Yet, I do feel a nostalgia coming over me this morning as I sit out early on the deck with bees buzzing, blue jays slurping at the birdbath, ravens squawking from high trees and the muffled loud swish sound of the river across the canyon.  The sun is just beginning to pour itself slowly, and then, with a blinding flash over the gently sloped mountain top.

The earth is still moving, turning, spinning at the speed of 1000 miles per hour.  Even when we finally allow ourselves to sit still we are not really still.


[on a planetary note:
early, in the pre-dawn sky, you can see bright Venus smiling down at you outside the cottage window and then later, in the dark night sky, expansive Jupiter shows up to give us a “star” to make a very big wish upon.]

Jupiter via pds.jpl.nasa.gov

Venus via crystalinks.com
Venus via crystalinks.com

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